In the 1960s Professor Pfeifer was senior consultant with Prof Schuchardt, head of the Department of Maxillofacial surgery in the University Hospital of Hamburg-  


Schuchardt incision —An incision made in the vagina, along the sulcus of the vagina from the lateral fornix to the introitus and through the perineum. This incision can increase room in the vagina so as to aid in difficult vaginal surgeries.

That schtunk couldn't manage his own sock drawer. I wish The remaining injury was in a Schuchardt incision. All 9 injuries were recognized, repaired, and healed without complication. Conclusions: Laceration of the rectum is an uncommon complication of vaginal surgery. Prompt recognition and repair result in uncomplicated primary healing. (Am J Obstet Gynecol 1999;181:274-7.) Synonyms for schtupping in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for schtupping.

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The advantages and disadvantages of existing incisions are compared with those of K. Schuchardt (Ed.), Treatment of Patients with Cleft of Lip, Alveolus and English-German Dictionary: Translation for incision. Schuchardt's incision · Schuchardt-Schnitt {m} med. skin incision · Hautschnitt {m} med. stab  Labial retraction sutures and an episiotomy or Schuchardt incision may be helpful for a small introitus and vaginal vault. Placement of stay or traction sutures at  Madanes, A. E., Kennison, R. D. anti Mitchell, G. W.: Removal of a presacral tumor via a Schuchardt incision. Obstet. and Gynecol., 57 (6 suppl.): 94 S-96 S. 1981  17 Oct 2020 The pessary was extracted under anesthesia using a Schuchardt incision to increase exposure.

2016-03-01 · Schuchardt's paravaginal incision is performed by incising the posterior vaginal wall in a direction angled toward the ischial tuberosity, going through the levator ani and the coccygeus muscle, to ultimately gain access into the ischiorectal fossa.

and… … A Schuchardt incision is frequently performed to facilitate access to the parametrium during radical vaginal hysterectomy for cervical cancer. We report an adenocarcinoma recurrence in a Schuchardt incision 12 months after radical vaginal hysterectomy for FIGO stage IB1 cervical cancer. Radical vaginal hysterectomy often requires a lateral perineo–vaginal incision also called Schuchardt's incision for parametrial removal.

Information about the SNOMED CT code 176653008 representing Schuchardt's incision.

Skin incision at the transition from the lower to the middle third of the left major labium. Length 3–4 cm. The stretched vaginal  incision.

All Languages | EN SV IS RU RO FR IT SK PT NL HU FI LA ES BG HR NO CS DA TR PL EO SR EL BS | SK FR HU NL PL IS ES SQ RU SV Labial retraction sutures and an episiotomy or Schuchardt incision may be helpful for a small introitus and vaginal vault. Placement of stay or traction sutures at the margins of the fistula or the insertion and inflation of a Foley or Fogarty catheter helps to identify the fistula’s edges and may bring the … Though healing Schuchardt incision and a 2–3-cm fistula at the left pessaries have been used for many years, their efficacy in vaginal apex through which bladder mucosa could be treating pelvic organ prolapse is unknown [6]. Additionally, identified (Fig.
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Location Information. FHH Emergency Dept.

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schubweg in Chinese : 移动距离 …. click for more detailed Chinese translation, meaning, pronunciation and example sentences.

Raimund Winter. Karl Tamussino.

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Recurrence in a Schuchardt incision after Schauta-Amreich radical vaginal hysterectomy for cervical cancer. International Journal of Gynecological Cancer, 2006.

Location Information. FHH Emergency Dept. 400 W 7th St Frederick, MD 21701 240-566-3500 · Get Directions  1 Mar 2016 Vaginal incisions used to improve exposure include the Dührssen incision and the Schuchardt incision.